La Rue des Artisans

Welcome to “La Rue des Artisans,” a Haitian haven for sculptures and other designs made by local artists.

A road rich with talent and great finds, La Rue des Artisans in Croix-des-Bouquets

Just outside of Port-au-Prince in the suburbs of Croix-des-Bouquets, La Rue des Artisans offers visitors a chance to browse and discover the talent of the Haitian art scene. Here at La Rue, what were once old rusted steel drums are carefully transformed into pieces of art that are wildly unique and wonderfully Haitian.

One of the local workshops along La Rue des Artisans

A work in progress -- the various stages of some of the Haitian art found along La Rue

The rhythmic sound of hammers banging against metal can be heard along the streets, echoing outside of workshops. Men sit cross-legged on dirt floors, patiently toiling away at creating their own brand of art. All the workshops along La Rue double as the artists viewing gallery, allowing visitors to witness the artists create and carve designs into pieces of steel. After a spot of varnish or paint what was once a worn out drum ready to be discarded is recycled into something special. Colourful fish, bright roosters and smiling salamanders are some of the most popular designs.

Gillian and Yves Rober, a local Haitian artist, check out the goods at his workshop

Local artists at work varnishing some finished pieces of recycled metal

Bang bang bang -- An artist at work

According to Samson, our tour guide through La Rue, many of the pieces are exported to galleries and shops abroad, including Canada and the United States. But after being able to shake the hand of the artist after purchasing one of the pieces in his shop, we have to say checking out the Caribbean vibes and incredible art was definitely worth the trip to La Rue. The men and women living and working in La Rue des Artisans have made an art out of taking something old and discarded and turning it into a beautiful piece of Haitian treasure.

Enjoying some rum with some locals along La Rue des Artisans

A different kind of Haitian treasure - sugar cane

Night time takes over along La Rue des Artisans

Dinner time with new friends