Haiti’s Countryside

The lovely house where we would be staying for the next three nights

Our quaint little room in Savanette

The lovely breakfast we were served complete with a large jar of PB

With our amazing hostess, Athena

Athena took us for a walk to show us her town

The homes in Savanette were Caribbean-chic

Gill with the 'tree of water' in the background

All the kids wanted their picture taken and the red bear just needed to get in there too

"blond, blond, blond, blond"

Too cute

Leah dancing to the Savanette street beats in the heat

At first these ladies were a little wary of us, but they eventually warmed up to us

More cute kiddies wanting a photo

Later that day, we were treated to some delicious goat meat and Bring It On

The next day we hopped on some motorbikes and headed to a little slice of paradise

At the local watering hole, Basin Longe

Leah with our new friends at beautiful Basin Longe

Two little girls helping each other get ready for a swim

Gill with Mario, one of the motorbike drivers

Just heavenly

Riding back to town through the hills

Back at the house, there were some kids waiting for the "blonds" so they could get their photo taken

Getting big hugs from the Savanette kids

Monkeying around

Doing some posing instruction

On our third day, we made a mission to the border with the Dominican Republic where road construction is underway

Gill was still suffering from a bout of food poisoning and kept having to find things to lean on

Guerda, the local politician who brought us to Savanette, in her element

We took a little trip into Dominican Republic. Here is the high-security border crossing

Welcome to the Dominican. No swim-up bars here. Just piglets.

We were happy to be back in our Spanish-speaking comfort zone.

Leah in the Dominican border town with our sweet, reliable ride

Leaving Dominican Republic, country #10 on our journey

Along the way, we stopped to take in a local soccer game. Gill needed to remain seated due to her food poisoned state.

Watching in awe as a man scales a tree to get us some "agua de coco" heaven

A little roadside Haitian lovin'

Everyone was excited to see the "blonds" (white people)

Saying farewell to our great hostess in Savanette, Athena