South America Breakdown

The time has come, faithful GFW follower, for us to give you the facts. After seven lovely and challenging months of traveling this fair continent of South American our time is up. Tomorrow morning, just before noon, we will board our latest vessel of travel and set sail to new land – Panama, better known as Central America.

Seven months went by in a flash and so we sat down to rehash our time in South America and figure out just exactly how we made it from one tip of this continent to the other.

Let’s begin.

Months: 7
Days: 217
Distance: 31,471 km (or more precisely five and a half times across Canada or from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina and back)
Countries: 7
Cities: 57

Bus trips: 58
Time spent on a bus: 450 hours (pretty much three weeks)
Boat trips: 5
Airplane trips: 4

Houses: 3
Campsites: 5
Hotels: 11
Hostels: 43

Posts: 121
Comments: 655
Photos: 1,209

Tip to tip - we made it!

At the south end of the continent overlooking the Beagle Channel

We meet one of our favourite dogs on the trip, Razzle, while camping in El Calafate, Argentina

Gill being happy in front of Mt. Fitz Roy

Fishing for salmon with Eduardo near Los Antiguos, Argentina

Hiking to Cueva de las Manos near Perito Moreno, Argentina

Brittany and Jill pay us a visit for some incredible wine-tasting in Chile and Argentina

Getting a home-cooked meal from our new friend, Martine, when Chase visited Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Finally getting some heat at Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Leah working the falls at the end of the Macuco Trail in Argentina

Experiencing our first taste of 'cama' bus ride from Puerto Iguazu to Salta, Argentina

Just outside of Salta, Argentina taking in some spectacular views

The Montgomery family comes to visit us in Cusco, Peru and we get some cozy alpaca sweaters

Exploring the ruins of the Sacred Valley in Peru

Conquering the Inca Trail with the Montgomerys

Leah getting into the baby alpaca in La Paz, Bolivia

The gang's all here! explore the rainforest of Samaipata, Bolivia

Leah and Gill go country for some horseback-riding in Tupiza, Bolivia

On our great Salar de Uyuni adventure in Bolivia

Gill, feeling like there should be zero gravity on the salt flats in Bolivia, tests the theory with an apple

Leah, Gill, and Braydon have a blast when the Germains visit us in Olon, Ecuador

Gill shows off her surfing and boogie boarding skills in Olon, Ecuador

Gillian and Leah let their manes loose on Isla del Plata just off the coast of Ecuador

Gill and Leah get friendly with the locals and wild animals in the Amazon near Leticia, Colombia

Gill, Leah, and friends get wet and wild while diving in Taganga, Colombia