Soaking up the Sun

The end of the lightning storm brought some pretty colours during the sunrise

The sunset on the first night of the passage

Goodbye pretty sun

Cured of seasickness after spotting the San Blas Islands

Gill remembering her jumping-off-the-boat skills

Some Kuna people selling their seafood. We watched them spear fish in their boxer-briefs

Doing a bestfriend jump in our new suits

The angry American, smiley Jose, and the jolly German attempt a synchronized backflip

Looking bubblicious in our Colombian suits

Yet another pretty sunset

Taking in more stunning horizon

Gill full of beans again

Our view of the boat as we head out for another snorkel

Just another starfish in the San Blas

Gill with a sunscreen covered face in the clear turquoise water

Pretty marine flowers

Leah's ready for her close up

The shallow underwater forest

One of the super cool fish we spotted

Leah enjoying the stellar visibility

Slowly becoming mermaids

We headed to the playa to beach ourselves

Leah doing her best Victoria's Secret pose

Gill loving the shallow calm waters

Paradise suits Leah very well

The huge rising moon

Gill doing her best sunset jump

Cruising down a small canal to get shuttled to Panama City on the Pacific side