Being Beachy at Bahia Concha

The fan in our room offers only a slight relief from the claustrophobic Colombian heat that leaves us barely clothed and sweating throughout night. So when yet another humid, sunny morning came, we dragged ourselves from our suffocating room to the sweet relief of the Caribbean Sea.

Taganga, a small tourist town, is only a short boat ride to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches hidden among the coves of pristine Tayrona National Park. We decided on the exotic sounding beach named Bahia Concha, caught a boat, and whizzed our way to our own little corner of paradise. Unfortunately, as we were pulling away from town, the sky turned a menacing deep grey and thunder boomed in the distance. But we pushed on, driven forward by the sickening thought of melting away in our hot little room all day.

At the Taganga beach soliciting a ride to prettier 'playas' is a breeze;

On boat our sturdy vessel with the chatty anchorman, Juan

Yikes. Maybe not the best day to heat to a remote beach?

Leah sporting her new hat that we decided to purchase after Gill got heat rash on her face

Even in a national park, you can rent shade for about $7

We made up for the rain by playing with a pretty cool Colombian dog:

One of the amazing beach snacks that were being sold.

Our captain stopped to pick up some dinner from this fisherman