An Underwater Extravaganza

Taganga is known as one of the hottest spots for scuba diving on the Caribbean coast of Colombia and it’s easy to see why. The water, crisp and cool, is a refreshing escape from the ever present and incredibly intense sun. The marine life is colorful and vibrant, offering an otherworldly escape from life on the road. And the feeling of breathing under water is like none other, which might have something to do with the pure oxygen being pumped from your tank into your lungs (delightful to say the least).

We were more than ready for our underwater experience after one blisteringly hot day on the beach. After a quick tour of the scuba dive shops around Taganga, we settled on a great dive school that not only offered two dives for a mere US$60 but the tour included pictures.

Underwater pictures!

We knew that our faithful GFW readers would be thrilled to see the underwater antics of Leah and Gillian and we are pleased to report Dear Reader, that you will not be disappointed. Not only was the diving incredible – amazing coral, bright colorful fish and some hilarious moments (clearly a result of too much oxygen), we spent the better part of two hours exploring the Tayrona National Park outside of Taganga.

Dive breakdown:

Our first dive took us to Paso del Angel, a dive spot off the coast of Isla Aguja in the park. This particular spot earns its name from the number of angel fish in the area. For 51 minutes, we dived to the depths of 65 ft in waters just under 30 degrees Celsius.

Our second dive was slightly shallower, at a depth of 60 ft for 54 minutes at point El Cantil off the coast of Tayrona National Park. This spot was made most memorable by one very sneaky little shark tail eel and some incredible coral.

And now for the best part, the underwater photo extravaganza! Enjoy…

Making our first descent and looking very stylish doing it

Gill and Leah loving the warm, tropical waters

Lovely brain coral and an angelfish at Paso del Angel

Another very large angelfish

Leah and Gill finding their buoyancy

A parrot fish in the coral

A spotted eel

Coming around a coral-covered bend

A big, angry clam

Getting wacky in the Caribbean Sea

Eek! A moray eel

A sea spider hanging out in a sea anemone

Watch out for the sea urchins...even though they look cuddly, they're not very friendly

I think the oxygen was getting to us


We would definitely recommend diving in Parque Tayrona

A beautiful lion fish and more lovely coral

Diving is OK with us

Getting a kiss from another pretty angelfish

Gill working it in the open water

This moray eel can't help but come out in the day to say "Hola"

Making our graceful ascent