Top Five Cuddliest Animals from the Rainforest

It was only a matter of time before we dedicated an entire post to the cute and cuddly creatures of the Amazon. Sure, some of them are alligators but regardless they all deserve a little love.

1. Spider Monkey

Sometimes a comedian, sometimes a pervert, always cuddly. We loved Chico the spider monkey because he was not afraid to go after something he wants — in this case it was Gill’s chest.

Mr. Chico from Santa Rosa, Peru

2. Caiman

Ranging in size from tiny to ginormous, the caiman are hunted throughout the Amazon as game. Now this little guy is too small to feed a lot of people so he’s kept to entertain the tourists. And boy, did he ever do a good job entertaining us!

Even though he is not the cuddliest animal in the rainforest the caiman can work a camera

3. Sloths

Too slow to escape, sloths made our top five list because they couldn’t get away from us fast enough. Their little human faces are always a little sad looking even though they spend their days eating and sleeping. Sounds like heaven to us.

Sloths - fun for the young and the old

4. Macaws

Sure they are loud and DO NOT like to be petted, but macaws are almost the perfect animal to pose with. Especially if you are as lucky as Gill and your guide puts one on your head.

Talk about arm candy -- just a couple of girls with macaws

5. Ocelot

Even though this one was as sweet as pie, ocelots are not always as cute and cuddly as they may appear.

Angie and Gill bonding over Gill's delicious finger and Angie's perfect kitten paws