Straddling the Equator

Stepping over the Equator to the Northern Hemisphere for my first time in 6 months and 4 days, I had the feeling that I was closer to home. The South has been cool, but I definitely belong in the North.

La Mitad del Mundo (The Middle of the World) monument is the Ecuadorian tribute to its namesake, the Equator. Although touristy and jammed with people, it is an experience worthy of checking off a life list and includes the thrill of being in two places at once. Sunday is the best day to visit, when the Mitad del Mundo is full of life, dance shows, live bands, and people. The hardest part about the experience is finding a table in a restaurant and getting there from Quito (22km south). A round trip taxi ride costs $25USD. Instead of shelling out the equivalent of 3 nights’ accommodation, I opted for public transport. One bus, one trole ride, $0.80, and a great deal of walking later, I had reached the monument for my moment with the Equator.

La Mitad del Mundo complex was pumpin' when I arrived

The monument and the Equator line

Dancing in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres

The grand monument, built in 1979

One Equator, two continents, 6 years apart. My posing abilities have not improved.

The view from my hostel overlooking the Quito Old Town. Such a lovely city