Jungle Excursion Photos

Leah and Joe enjoying the company of Chico, the spider monkey

Leah with her new BFF, Angie the ocelot

Walking down to our awaiting yacht

A little baby monkey clung to us like a ripe banana

Inside and ancient Amazon tree

Getting a lot of hugs from Joe

Doing some serious dangling from the vine of an ancient jungle tree

Leah with her first piranha catch of the day

The fearsome teeth of the Amazon piranha

Our tasty lunch en route. Beef, spaghetti, fried plantain, and potatoes prepared in the French style on a bed of rice.

The Amazon fishermen that lined the river coastline. We purchased a couple of fish from these guys.

We were lucky enough to spot both the grey and pink dolphins

Everyone wanted to see themselves on the camera screen...including Leah

After handing out the lollipops, the kids put away their wild animals (except for one lucky sloth) and played jump-rope

Dark brown waters of the Amazon is common in dry season

Leah and Joe enjoying a romantic moment on the beach at sunset

Gill feeling good about being in the middle of nowhere

As the sun set, we got on board a local fishing boat to pull in the catch from the nets

One of the catfish-related, spiky fish we pulled in.

The gorgeous setting sun

Another crazy-looking catch

It was a magical moment being with the setting sun on a fishing boat

The next day, looking like a jean-shorts ad, we went sloth hunting

Spotted: A sloth in the wild.

In the wet season this whole section of the Amazon is underwater