Hello Paradise

We have found our Caribbean paradise. We migrated from the large city of Santa Marta to the small tourist town of Taganga only 5 km away. Only a short boat ride from town, we found ourselves at Playa Grande, a beautiful sandy beach with clear blue waters for a day in the sunshine and 40 degree heat. We are spoiled.

Two beach chairs and ice cold beers for $2.50 each. Not a bad price for a little luxury.

The warm Caribbean waters

Gillian getting crispy

At first we were annoyed with the beach sellers hawking their goods and services...until we gave in. Massage for $5? Por favor!

Pretty and picturesque

Coming up with more fun photos to take

Getting wild in the water

Lounge - Swim - Repeat

Finishing off the day with some Colombian beer and a sunset

The beautiful setting sun between the power lines

Our lovely hostel, La Casa de Felipe, with a Michelin Star chef

Dinner - tenderloin steak with blue cheese sauce, bacon wrapped beans, potato pure and a baked tomato

One of the most beautiful sunsets - even with the power lines