Crazy for Canyoning

Over dinner I became friends with three Chilean girls, all of them 24, on winter vacation from University. They practiced their English and I tried my best at Spanish. By the end of the night Flo, Maria, Sofia, and I made a plan to go canyoning together the next day.

“Estamos extreme!” Flo had said.

I have never been canyoning and wasn’t too sure what the adventure would entail but was told waterfalls were involved so it couldn’t be that bad. Early the next morning, we put on our wetsuits, jackets, helmets, harnesses, and Keds and hiked to the top of the first waterfall we would rappel down. Over the course of the day we abseiled down four frightening but manageable waterfalls and even slid down one on our bums.

Making my way down the first waterfall

Killing the descent

Our Chilean-Canadian crew. Gill, Flo, Sofia, and Maria

Checking my footing on the second waterfall

The fifth and last waterfall was whole different adventure all together – a 45m freefall between two waterfalls. As I peered over the edge at the jagged rocks below, I made a silent prayer to the Virgin of Baños de Agua Santa for a miracle. Jonathan, the guide, gave me a reassuring smile, nodded, and said “Extreme!”

So I went for it.

It was such a rush. I’m still vibrating with adrenaline.

Highly concentrated on making it down the 45m drop alive.



At the bottom of the big drop. We made it! After we had to hike our way out.