A Moment in Minca

Needing an escape from the intense heat of Santa Marta, we decided to take a trip into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Soaring above that Caribbean Sea at an intoxicating height of 700m, we travelled along bumpy, “Colombian massage” roads to Minca, a small jungle town of 500 people. The sweaty heat of the coast was only slightly cut by the altitude so we set off on an adventure through the surrounding jungle trails to find ourselves a refreshing waterfall and a cold beer for the ultimate cool-down.

Ready to dive right in

The huge bamboo that covered the road

Traipsing through coffee farms and jungle. Bring on the sand flies

Clean, crisp water. Awesome.

Cute houses along the way

Spotted: The perfect waterfall to cool down in. It was so deserved.

The best way to enjoy a waterfall is to swim in it.

Lucky for us the coffee farmer nearby was selling some label-less, cold beer

Mission "cool-down" accomplished.