A Colombian Coffee Farm

Nestled in the foothills of the Colombian Andes is a UNESCO protected area officially hailed as the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia. The high altitude of 1500m brews up some of the best microclimates for producing nearly half of the Colombia’s coffee output on only 1% of its land. This ‘Zona Cafetera’ offers the visitor impossibly pleasant temperatures, beautiful green valleys, and all the rich, tasty coffee you can stomach.

We visited Hacienda Venecia, a colonial coffee plantation just outside of Manizales for beautiful day learning about our favourite hot beverage. We learned about its beginnings in Ethiopia, its spread through Europe and South America, where the best brews come from, and how to identify a good bag of beans. We roasted some of the best looking beans from the Hacienda, ground the beans then enjoyed our amazing homemade cup of espresso. Stronger coffee has never been tasted before.

After a walk through the plantation and an enlightening visit to the roasting area, we finished off the day with a potato soup with corn on the cob and a dip in their pool.

Leah showing off the coffee tasting table where we got out coffee history lesson

We roasted our own beans and picked up some of the specific aromas, just like with wine

The expert coffee grinder we used to make our espresso

The beautiful colonial hacienda

Walking through the coffee plantation where they also grow plantains

Coffee berries - when they're red or yellow, they're ready for the picking

Wired from coffee and ready to see how its done

The roasting area and our guide

Chilling on our new coffee jeep and some baby coffee plants in the nursery