Slip on Down to the Oasis

Next time you find yourself with a 50 Nuevo Sol note in your hand, flip it over. On the back of the Peruvian currency you’ll find a picture of Huacachina – a tiny oasis village located about four hours south of Lima.

Huacachina, the true definition of an oasis

If you’re ever fortunate enough to find yourself in Peru, jump on a bus and head to the “oasis of America” for a few days of rest, relaxation and if you’re up for it, one wild adrenaline pumping dune buggy ride through the surrounding sand dunes.

Originally when the small resort oasis was developed, flocks of wealthy upper class Peruvians headed to Huacachina for some R&R. Today you’ll see less hoity-toities and more sunburned gringos trying their hand at sandboarding or enjoying a beer next to the lagoon.

A beautiful sunset across the lagoon in Huacachina

For the thrill seekers out there, Huacachina offers sandboarding and dune buggy rides. Hold on to your hat (literally) because the best way to describe a ride in one of the rusty dune buggies is heart-pounding. The drivers know those dunes inside and out – they will take every chance they get to plow up one side of a dune only to plummet down the other side.

A man and his machine - Chase tries his hand at blasting through some sand dunes

All juiced up on adrenaline, Chase and Leah are literally jumping for joy after surviving the dune buggy ride

Chase shredding some mad sand dunes

For those who are interested in the finer activities Huacachina has to offer, you might consider a wine and pisco tour at the areas local wineries. Keep in mind this isn’t Mendoza. By the end of the tour, you will be saturated in sweet red wine and the region’s most powerful pisco. Odds are you will be pouring yourself into bed before sun down.

Sampling some of Peru's finest 47 proof pisco, without a chaser

Chase drinking the good stuff, which incidentially also guarantees twin boys

If adrenaline isn’t your cup of tea or you can’t handle the hard stuff (ie. Pisco), consider a tour of the Ballestas Islands off the coast of Paracas, about 45 minutes from Huacachina. Sea lions, penguins and hundreds of sea birds call these islands their home.

Mr Sea Lion gauking at all of the tourists who are gauking at him

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, wino or animal lover, Huacachina has tons to offer any adventurer.