Phase 3: Heat

Visiting South America, we pictured tropical weather, sweaty bodies, pina coladas, and surfing. We expected to be bronzed godesses with beachy hair and sand in our toes after five months on the continent.

Alas, we have been nothing but cold.

After Patagonia, we assumed that as we moved north closer to the Equator, we would finally be able to feel the heat on our skin in shorts and tank tops. But the Altiplano of the Bolivian and Peruvian Andes has kept us in sweaters and jeans. Often we were colder in Bolivia than when we were a stones throw from Antarctica in Ushuaia.

We are now very ready for some love from the sun. We’re moving north to the pristine beaches of Northern Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia to hone our surf skills and live in our bikinis. Phase 3 thus far has brought us to a beach town called Huanchaco where we still need a wet suit to surf and a sweater for dinner. We can feel the heat in the breeze though, coming from the North. We’ll get there soon enough.

Stay tuned for posts complaining about the heat.

The extent of our adventure so far

A close up of all of our destinations in Peru and Bolivia