Living the Search in Mancora

As two seasoned surfers we understand all too well that you have to “live the search” each and every day. You have to seek out and ride the best waves during every daylight hour. And here, daylight starts at 6am.

This morning we managed to rise from our bunks at 6:30, pumped up for an early morning surf with an instructor and without the crowds. But walking down the path from our hostel to the beach, our hearts grew heavy as we quickly realized there would be no surfing this morning. The water was as flat as glass and only two lone paddle boarders were able to enjoy the tiny surf. We were dismayed, but the day had just begun so we headed for breakfast.

Gill with another early riser at 7am on the beach

Leah took advantage of the lack of crazy waves to go for an early morning dip

Tired but not defeated

After a delicious eggs, fruit, and hash browns breakfast including our first encounter with free coffee refills in South America, we were in sunny moods and hit the beach. The past few days in Mancora have been overcast and disappointing for our tanning goals, but today the sun worked hard to burn off the cloud cover and bronze our skin.

The first course of breakfast on the beach at the restaurant, Green Eggs & Ham

Leah goes for a dip in the glassy Pacific Ocean

Gill enjoying the sudden appearance of the sun

When we started feeling hot and sunstroked, we headed back to our hostel for some time by the pool and some well deserved pina coladas. The disappointing start to our day quickly turned into our best beach day yet. Tomorrow will be part two of “living the search” as we try once again to take advantage of the best waves first thing in the morning.

Gill, poolside, enjoying a pina colada at Kokopelli Hostel