Ecuador, Home Sweet Home

It’s been almost six months since we set out on our quest to conquer South America. And so far we’ve been fairly successful in covering a ton of ground and seeing as much of the continent as we could. The recipe to our success is a simple one: keep moving.

Now we aren’t talking a new city every night (that is simply ludicrous). But over the past few months we have developed a nice and steady momentum that keeps us looking forward and excited about new sights to behold. After three nights in one place we pack our backpacks, buy a bus ticket and move on. The combination of living out of a one large backpack instead of a closet, carrying our groceries in a canvas bag rather than a proper fridge and dining out at a new restaurant every breakfast, lunch and dinner had started to wear us down. Despite our best efforts to avoid traveler’s fatigue, a troubling affliction suffered by most backpackers after a few months of life on the road, we are starting to feel the effects of such a wayward existence. Symptoms include a lack of interest in natural phenomena’s and constant complaining for a cup of strong Starbucks coffee, your own bed or a decent grilled cheese sandwich. Terrified of the idea of catching such a trip-poisoning bug, both of us girls tried our best to stay positive even though we were growing slightly weary of our long red line.

But there was relief in sight. The beautiful Germain family (minus one eldest daughter) flew across the equator to meet us in Ecuador for a much needed beach vacation. The idea was perfect — not only would the Germains get a chance to relax on a lovely tropical beach for two weeks, but us weathered travelers would get to settle in one place for the longest period to date — two weeks!

Two glorious weeks where a refrigerator can be stocked, a backpack can be unpacked, clothes can we washed in a washing machine and THEN folded neatly in a closet — absolute luxury.

Delicious meals and local beers enjoyed on the patio

And so here we are, in Ecuador, our new home away from home. Well, at least for the next two weeks.

Braydon making some delicious banana pancakes before some boogie boarding

Gillian, Leah and Braydon make up the Olon Beach Boogie Board Team

The three amigos running to catch some tubular waves

Jill, Braydon and Leo soaking up some Ecuadorian beach time

The crew taking full advantage of an empty beach and a couple of boogie boards