Beach Break in Huanchaco

A full month of travelling with brothers and boyfriends has us exhausted from all of the action. 20-something boys are full of beans and more energy than our travel-worn bones could take. We enjoyed their enthusiasm for travelling and getting somewhere new everyday and seeing everything and jumping off stuff, but now we’re tuckered and need a break.

The pier in downtown Huanchaco. A good lookout for being impressed by the surfers.

Travelling eight hours north by bus, we’ve found ourselves in the beach town of Huanchaco where there isn’t much going on and that’s perfect. Over the past three days, we laid on the beach, made fruit salad, and read our books. We endured and sometimes enjoyed the beach chats with the bracelet-selling men because we really had nothing else to do. As a reward for our patience and attempt at conversational Spanish, we each received a free handmade bracelet. Definitely a Huanchaco highlight.

The laid-back town of Huanchaco

Huanchaco is a slow-moving chilly town in the off season and was the perfect setting to recharge after a fun-filled, full throttle adventure with the boys.

The surf hostel we stayed at where we shared our days with surfers and fellow beach bums

The Huanchaco beach complete with traditional reed boats