Salar Expedition Photos

A breezy lake on the first day of the trip

Gill and Will Fun!

A starry sky the third night of the expedition - no light pollution here

Everybody's dancing in the field full of petrified corral

Our gang - Habi, Alicia, Devin, Leah, Gillian and Will

The boys doing what boys do best - climbing stuff

A train cemetery just outside of the city of Uyuni doubled as a jungle gym

Devin burning off some energy while taking advantage of the train graveyard

Devin and Will busy climbing all over a rock island in the middle of the Salar de Uyuni

Smiling adventure faces

Our driver, Habi and Devin

An island in the middle of the Salar

Bolivian convoy

Early morning sunrise at the salt flats

Beautiful sunrise

Some of the cool rocks we spotted along the way

Devin and his photo-taking contraption

Habi with Gillian and Leah

Gill and Will try and keep warm on the chilly Bolivian backroads

Jumping for joy - there was nothing but smiling faces on this trek

A small and dusty town along our drive

The Montgomery's going wild for some llamas

We kept entertained with our books and a bag full of coca leaves