Soakin’ up Sucre

For most cities, one name is more than suffice. Well, a name and a nickname that is. But alas, Sucre is not most cities. Lovingly referred to by the locals as the “CAPITAL” city of Bolivia, Sucre has not one but four names. That’s right – four.

Charcas was the indigenous name of the city before the Spanish planted their flag and took over. The city was then named La Plata, which was meant to stir the illusions of a privilege and honor. Once Bolivia gained independence, La Plata was dubbed Chuquisaca. But today, on maps and signs everywhere the city is called Sucre after Don Antonio Jose de Sucre, one of the most important men in Bolivian history (so says our Spanish teacher, Carla).

Even though the city boasts too many names for one tourist to try and remember, Sucre is a real charmer.Hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the buildings in downtown Sucre sparkle white with colonial style red clay roofs. After three days in this sweet city we are absolutely smitten.

We are lucky enough to wake up each morning to this view over Sucre

Prefectura del Departmento in the Plaza 25 de Mayo

Catedral Metropolitana in the heart of Sucre

Handsome Simon Bolivar hanging with the pigeons in Plaza de 25 Mayo

Our humble Sucre abode, Chez Calvo-Campos

One soft bed, one hard bed - either way, we know how to make it work

A beautiful place to rest your head for a few days