Sky-high in La Paz

After three frustrating days, we finally made it to our destination in La Paz. Originally called Nuestra Señora de La Paz (Our Lady of Peace), it is the highest capital city in the world at 3639m above sea level and the second largest city in Bolivia.

We arrived in La Paz at 10pm in the dark, travelling first through the suburb of El Alto, considered the most dangerous city in Bolivia. Garbage and dogs were on every street corner. We cautiously exited the bus when we were dropped at a random gas station and looked around warily at the hordes of huddled street vendors. The taxi we hailed took us down the canyon to the city-proper where the area felt safer. In the morning, our tense feelings about La Paz subsided as the daylight revealed a beautiful sprawling city set in a crumbling canyon.

From the La Paz mirador, we got some spectacular views of the whole city

The 360 degree views from the La Paz mirador

Mt. Illimani looms over La Paz

The Metropolitan Cathedral, built in 1835, located in pigeon infested Murillo Square

Inside the Metropolitan Cathedral

One street had only stores selling costumes for Carnival and other festive occasions.

The Witches' Market where different concoctions and Pachamama (mother earth) offerings can be purchased. Can you spot the dehydrated llama fetuses?

A woman inspects the meat selection (and gives the photographer an evil eye) in Mercado Uruguay

10km outside of La Paz is Valle de la Luna, which was once the bottom of the Pacific Ocean 20,000 years ago

Gillian stands in front of the World's Highest Golf Course, situated beside Valle de la Luna

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