Inca Trail Videos

Paul made a videolog with his GoPro video camera throughout our adventure on the Inca Trail. Here are a couple videos that tell the story well. Stay tuned for a whole feature film once all the editing is done.

The epic Inca Trail

An early morning wake-up call at the second campsite on the Inca Trail.

Some of the Inca Trail has been reconstructed and replaced. This section is 95% Inca steps. The engineering and architecture was impressive. So were the views.

The breathtaking view at our second campsite. Every morning we were treated with ‘room service’ – hot coffee and tea brought to our tent to help wake us up.

WiƱaywayna, an ancient complex used by the Inca Empire for terrace

Arriving at Machu Picchu after finishing the Inca Trail. It was so good.