A Lovely Day in Cusco

The Montgomery family has arrived and to such a beautiful city. Cusco is lovely and is among the most charming cities we have visited. With its colonial architecture and Inca roots, it makes for a special place to walk around and enjoy its charms.

Central Cusco is full of beautiful colonial churches and sun

Sharon, Lexi and Leah checking out Cusco from a viewpoint at Convento de Santo Domingo del Cusco

The Spanish built their Convento de Santo Domingo Del Cusco on top of Inca ruins

Enjoying a tour of Santo Domingo and the original Inca walls

Inside Santo Domingo, checking out some of the Spanish architecture

Gillian enjoying an impromptu tea party with a new friend in the market

Lexi and Gillian testing out some fluffy hats perfect for chilly Cusco nights

Leah appreciating all of Cusco's handy crafts, including a Shrek finger puppet

Can you spot the pig's head? Yummy...

Like father, like daughter...

Sitting down for some amazing pizza

Getting up to Cusco in time was epic and tiring but we made it in one piece with a new appreciation for sleeping horizontally in a bed