Dinner chez Martine

Travelling not only offers an opportunity to experience a beautiful part of the world, it presents the possibility of meeting a spectacular diversity of people. We have had the pleasure of meeting fellow travelers from all over the world who are all on very cool journeys.

A Swiss couple travelling by Winnebago through Patagonia, an Irish couple who biked from Mexico to Ushuaia, a Dutch guy who is surfing and working his way through the continent…it’s all very inspiring. We listen with rapt attention to their trials and tribulations on the road and get tips and recommendations for the rest of our own adventure.

Often we swap blog and email information and part from our new acquaintance(s) with anything from a sense of relief to a best friend forever. One quickly realizes just how special people are and although radically diverse, still so similar. Lifelong friendship can be made in a 15 minute conversation and that’s a special thing.

Lucky for us, most travelers speak English.

It was in Los Antiguos where we met Martine – a Swiss lady who has lived all over the world as a tour guide and has finally come to retire in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. We had an instant connection with our shared love of Switzerland, salmon, and the world. She reminded us of the Swiss mothers we once had. So when we parted ways we made a promise to meet up again once we had made our way to Colonia del Sacramento.

Dinner with Martine, our new Swiss mother

Many adventures and emails later, Martine picked us up at our hostel and brought us to her cozy A-frame cottage for dinner. She fed us local cheese and sausage tapas as well as a leek mushroom torte and tomato salad. Her salad dressing was heavenly and transported us back 5 years to the food prepared by our Swiss mothers.

Leek and mushroom torte. Amazing.

So excited for a home-cooked meal

After a custard fruit torte, we were stuffed and satisfied. The night ended with some tea and hours looking through her many photo albums. She showed us some spectacular photos of the sites and landscapes we were about to see. Machu Picchu, Salar de Uyuni, Colca Canyon…it all looked very exciting.

Following some tearful hugs and some pressure to go sing karaoke we said goodbye to Martine, knowing that we may never see her again.

Leah and Chase enjoying the fruits of friendship