Chasing Waterfalls

Rainbows and butterflies abound at Iguazu Falls. But don´t be fooled, the rainbows and butterflies are a lovely compliment to the falls, but they are in no way the main attraction.

Sandwiched in between three countries, the view of Iguazu Falls can be experienced from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The Falls curves in a semi-circle over 2700 m wide and the tallest point, known as the ¨Devil´s Throat¨ extends 80 m high. In total, there are 275 separate waterfalls that all pour into Iguazu River.

Since the waterfalls are best enjoyed visually, we tried to capture a few of this beast´s best angles. Prepare yourself for a picture overload.

Approaching the falls from the top

Garganta del Diablo - the Devil's throat

Leah is all smiles

You can almost hear the power of the falls

Gill loving life


So perfect, it almost looked fake

A view of San Martin Island

So much mist

Holy crap

Argentina does natural wonders well

Watch out Leah, there's a new best friend in town. A coati.

A few of the 275 falls

Leah feeling the mist on her back at Salto Bossetti

The Argentinean landscape certainly has changed since Patagonia

Rainbows and butterflies abound

So powerful

We spotted some of the local wildlife "living on the edge" at Iguazu Falls

Salto Ramirez

High on the Iguazu Falls endorphins

Are you sick of rainbows yet?

Getting soaked by Iguazu Falls