Bienvenido a Uruguay

Do not look at these pictures of Uruguay and decide that it is some poverty-stricken, desolate country – because that could not be further from the truth.

After picking up our special cargo, Mister Chase Holoiday, in Buenos Aires, we set sail on an express ferry to the shores of Uruguay. We landed one hour later in beautiful Colonia del Sacramento and immediately boarded a bus to the capital, Montevideo.

Looking out the bus window, Uruguay gives a charming first impression. The cities and towns are clean, tree-lined, and bustling. The well-preserved colonial architecture stands out next to large modern buildings and shopping centres. It seems obvious that Uruguay is thriving

The Montevideo bus station has two layers of mall above it which we explored before boarding the next bus to our final destination of Punta del Diablo. Five hours of a million random stops later, we arrived and immediately fell in love. For the next five days we would be in “vacation within a vacation” mode – cooking, surfing, reading, and generally beaching ourselves.

Our humble abode in Punta del Diablo

Chase had success with creating the fire for the BBQ

Our adorable Uruguayan cabana

Loving Uruguayan life, complete with fluffy kitties and hammocks

On the menu for night one - homemade cheeseburgers with caramelized onions and roasted potatoes and peppers

One of three beaches in Punta del Diablo

Obviously we find a new best friend

Big waves on a big beach

A collage of all the crazy things to be found on an Atlantic beach


Rustic and adorable. We love Punta del Diablo

Where we bought some fish for dinner

Cute lovers, Leah and Chase

The fishing strip at Punta del Diablo

Pesca fresca right off the boat. Jealous?

Our route so far. We've come full circle