A Macuco Trail Birthday

In honour of Gillian’s 24th birthday, we decided to trek the Macuco Trail at Puerto Iguazu.

We faced inconceivably dangerous animals, stared down snakes, and beat down the butterflies to arrive at a swimable section of Iguazu Falls. We walked through the treacherous Amazonian jungle for 7km just to feel the force of Iguazu on our shoulders. And it was worth every bug bite.

After our hike, we spent the night at our hostel eating birthday food and drinking birthday beverages…all in a tropical paradise setting, hammocks and palm trees included.

Step out of line and it's snake bites for you!

We were careful to stay on course

Butterflies everywhere.

Spiders everywhere. Big ones.

A warning for dangerous animals didn't deter us

Arriving at the falls was so refreshing

So beautiful and peaceful

I got stung by a bee. Hopefully it didn't lay some sort of Amazonian larvae in me

The perfect place to spend a birthday

Uh oh...our time in South America has turned us into tree-huggers

Yet another butterfly trying painfully hard to blend in

We spent our night eating, swimming, drinking, and hammocking

We created a pretty successful birthday drink. Mango and pineapple that we froze, spiced rhum, orange soy juice, and soda water. Yum

With our homemade birthday feast. Quesadillas, bruschetta, and assorted delicacies

The birthday girl blows out her 2-4 candles among specially selected pastries