Trouble in Paradise

We’ve been spoiled by a lot of good luck during our travels.

From the very beginning, we’ve had short waits, punctual service, good health, and no security scares. Things have been easy breezy for us. But such luck can’t last forever, and it all came to a head on our last day in Pichilemu.

For the first time, we were on a schedule. We had to make the 3 hour bus ride to Santiago by Sunday morning at 6:45 to meet Leah’s mother and sister. Although the surfer lifestyle is terribly addicting, after 6 days at the beach, we were ready for something new. Family, wine-tasting, and a more pampered style of travel awaited us in Santiago and we were ready to say goodbye.

But the surf gods had other ideas. Leah had suffered from a face-full of mystery bug bites during our stay in Pichi. We were carefully treating them with cream and salt water, but at the end of the week, instead of getting better, they were getting worse. The mystery of the source of the bites caused a great deal of frustration.

Thank-you "El Barco", it was a blast even though you were the source of some facial discomfort

On this day, the rough Pacific reflected our mood

Not only this, but when we went to go pick up our laundry, the Laundromat was locked and gated. The sign said open, but there was no sign of life and ALL of our clothing was locked inside. We thought maybe the Señora was taking an extended siesta so we returned to the Laundromat five times throughout the course of the day. On the last visit, in the face of having to separate (Gill would have to stay in Pichi until the Laundromat was open, which could be days), we took matters into our own hands.

We started knocking at every house remotely close to the Laundromat to try to find some information. This proved to be very tough, as Chileans like their dogs and gates. We asked in our broken Spanish when the Señora would return. At one house we learned that she was now on vacation and we almost lost hope. At the last house, we explained our plight and we were told to wait. Five minutes later, a man appeared with a key to the Laundromat. Our clothes were saved!

That night we celebrated by making homemade macaroni and cheese, the ultimate comfort food for a tough day on the job.

But don't worry, the beauty of our surroundings was not lost on us

Through all the aggravation, we were still able to get a surf in. Here's Gill riding a sweet wave.