Off to the races in Perito Moreno

Our good friend in Los Antiguos, Eduardo, mentioned that his son, Eduardo Jr, was racing his horse in Perito Moreno. Since we just happened to be in Perito Moreno, we asked around where the race would be held, walked 4 km, and arrived at this little gem of an experience.

The horses are brought into a carrel and bets are placed in an auction-like style

We spotted Eduardo Jr right away. He looks just like the 25-year-old version of his dad

After the betting is completed, the jockeys warm up their steeds

Gillian considering doing some serious betting on Eduardo Jr

And they're off!

We cheered hard for Eduardo Jr.

Gauchos looking to see who the winner was

And the winner is... Eduardo Jr!

In addition to the horse racing, we were able to experience some other local action. Gauchos had brought their best merino sheep to Perito Moreno for a wool auction. We were excited to see what some of our travel clothes are made of up close.

Leah being checked out by one of the merinos

Merino wool sheep