Los Antiguos, I love you

Los Antiguos has been very kind to us. Cherry picking season, the central lure of the town, ended months ago. The air is cooler, the fruits have been picked, and the festivals have finished. Tourists no longer see the need to make the trek to Los Antiguos and our presence in the town has locals giving us the ‘why are you here?’ look.

But this has been to our advantage.

The attention is solely on us and locals are bending over backwards to show us a good time in their lovely town. Being an anomaly can be to the tourist’s advantage.

This special attention made today particularly wonderful.

We are the sole guests of the albergue we are staying at. Our room sleeps 8, but for us it’s a private. This morning, while eating our breakfast alone in our giant kitchen, our host, Eduardo, asked us to join him on his ‘campo’ to see the last of the fruits dangling from the branches. Happily, we cleared our hectic schedule and climbed into his pick-up truck to drive to the Chilean border where his campo is.

Eduardo’s son, Eduardo Jr., is a competitive horse jockey so we were met on the farm by strapping, muscular stallions with 0% body fat. I don’t think either of us had met such shiny, gorgeous horses. The day was already moving in an exciting direction.

Leah being greeted by a muscular mare

Eduardo showing off his prized stallion

Apart from the plethora of horses, the farm was also stocked with a dog, a kitten, chicks, and a very eccentric pig named Pancho. Los Antiguos is a microclimate so Eduardo’s land was teeming with potatoes, carrots, peaches, barley, wheat, parsley, peas, cilantro, garlic, onions, and other fruits no longer in season. While one of us had the pleasure of riding one of Eduardo’s mares, the other helped in the kitchen, preparing an impromptu asado (BBQ) for us and the two guachos on the farm.

Pancho having a discussion with the horses

A guacho harvesting the garlic

Eduardo tending to his large, glossy stallion

Leah relishing the opportunity to handle a horse

Gillian enjoying being carried around

A confused kitten tries to suckle some milk from Pancho the (male) pig

At one in the afternoon, beef stew over spaghetti was served with homemade bread and sparkling cider. It was one of the best meals we’ve had in Argentina because everything but the pasta came from Eduardo’s farm. We were completely satisfied, but the day was far from over.

Gillian enjoying some Mate and sharing a laugh

Leah loving the life of a guacho

Leah lending a hand in the preparations

Our amazing lunch

With the little Spanish we know, we were able to mention over lunch that we were interested in trying our hand at some fishing. As it turns out, Eduardo just happens to be the ‘biggest fishing fanatic in Los Antiguos’ and we were off again for the nearest river to test our luck.

In 30 minutes, Eduardo had caught two large salmons.

Eduardo expertly handling his first salmon

Gillian doing her best to bait the salmon

Eduardo showing off his prize with flair

Leah so pleased to be part of the fishing experience

Needless to say, we were impressed. And the day just got better when Eduardo sent us out to the supermarket to fetch some tomatoes, mozzarella, and Roquefort cheese to pair with the fresh salmon. He would make us dinner if we would eat it.

With pleasure, Senior Eduardo, with pleasure.

Gillian sticking her fingers in the gills

Fishing is just too much fun

The catch of the day

Eduardo and his 'princessas'