Horse Reproduction with Aaron

Plums, peaches, and apricots were out in full force on the 'chacras' that we visited for Jam Day

Today was supposed to be Jam Day – twelve whole hours dedicated to ooey-gooey delicious jarred marmalades, made locally by one of the many fruit farmers in the area. And by all means the day started off just on schedule. We set out after breakfast to the several farms we had decided to visit and were quite successful. Apple, cherry and apricot jams were purchased and deposited back at our hostel. As we headed to the panaderia for a much needed baguette for our compote extravaganza, we ran into our favorite gaucho – Eduardo.

He smiled, waved his arms and barked something at us in Spanish. Before we knew it we were in his car heading back to his campo. He pointed to a bag of chorizo and lamb cutlets in the front seat and we quickly realized we were in for another culinary feast of Eduardo’s very impressive farm cooking.

Back in Eduardo's Fiat and back to the campo

Gillian cuddling Cala, the sweetest campo puppy

Eduardo putting the chorizo and lamb into the wood-fire oven.

Gillian lending a helping hand with a little lemon squeeze

Our delicious homemade lunch. Lamb and chorizo with tomato, parsley, and onion salad

Gillian getting into the lamb marrow

But that wasn’t the only thing we were in store for.

The day before, when we had gone horseback riding, I had tried to engage Eduardo best I could about the breeding program he had at his farm. Growing up on a horse farm just outside of Edmonton, I had witnessed year after year the art of baby (horse) making and was always interested in the process.

When we finally did arrive at Eduardo’s campo and had deposited the chorizo and carne into the farmhouse’s wood burning stove, he beckoned us to follow him and headed out to the horse pastures. As we walked up to the fence, we were greeted by Aaron — Eduardo’s shockingly muscular chestnut stallion — a retired Brazilian racing champion with legs for miles.

Eduardo handed me Aaron’s lead line as he went to fetch a mare. Before I knew it I was not only learning about Eduardo’s breeding program, I was helping to administer it. Aaron and the mare snorted at each other, he stomped his feet, she tossed her head and before we knew it, Aaron was perched in the coital position. At one point while Aaron was working his magic, I locked eyes with Gill. We both were slightly amazed, slightly caught off guard and totally giddy with how lucky we are to find ourselves in such random situations.

Leah getting a handle on 'excited' Aaron

Eduardo letting the horses meet. It must have been love at first sight.

Stepping back to let Aaron work his magic on the mare

After Aaron had done the deed (twice, mind you), we headed back for some chorizo and tomato salad. All in all another hilariously amazing day in Los Antiguos, Patagonia.