Cookies by Gillian

A woman is a talented creature. Years and years of careful study and dedication for one particular craft is what makes the female breed such an elusive creature. Gillian Montgomery is no exception. Much like the grace she exhibits on the ski slopes, Gillian’s knack for making chocolate chip cookies is beyond this world.

Sometimes you just have to focus on your art

Of course it has taken her years of careful calculation, recipe comparisons and test trials to perfect her art, but today Gillian makes, without a doubt, one of the best cookies you will have the pleasure of eating.

The cast of characters, our makeshift Chilean cookie ingredients

Like all great chefs, it takes the understated skill of a truly talented sous chef for them to realize their genius – that’s where Leah comes in.

A sous-chef job: cutting up chocolate

Our first day in Pichilemu was spent making these delectable treats, which we shared with our fellow hostel-mates.

Our cookie making view - the lovely Pacific ocean

One reviewer boasted that the cookies were like a “chocolate chip orgasm” in his mouth. We will let you be the judge. The recipe as followed:

1 cup of salted butter
1 cup of granulated sugar
1 cup of packed brown sugar
2 tsps of vanilla
2 eggs
2 1/2 cups of flour
1 tsp of baking soda
a pinch of salt
good helpings of the best chocolate chips. 60% cocoa is usually best.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes or until they look ready to put in your mouth.

Helpful tips:

Once you add the eggs, mix the dough as little as possible. This will keep them chewy and not tough.

You’ll know when you have the right consistency when you can roll the dough into balls.

Mix the butter and the sugar really well before adding the eggs and vanilla.

Mix by hand, you’ll add more love that way.