Back in the saddle

Horseback riding is a highly addictive drug. Once you get a taste, your mind begins to race with schemes of how you can get back into the saddle, or as is the way in Argentina, back into the sheepskin.

After several very successful riding adventures in Los Antiguos, we fancied ourselves quite the horse women. And so once we arrived in Bariloche it seemed only logical to book another horse-orientated excursion. Even though the afternoon didn’t meet all of our expectations (galloping through fields of wild flowers and jumping over fallen trees) it was a lovely way to spend a sunny day in Bariloche.

Our soon-to-be steeds for the afternoon

Leah and her new pal, Storm

Gillian with Peaches - you can tell both are excited about hitting the trail

Storm post-trail ride, she was ready to hit the hay (literally)

Gillian getting excited for an asado, the perfect ending to an afternoon of riding