An open letter to Patagonia

Dear Patagonia,

You are amazing, truly amazing. Your mountains are gigantic, your valleys are sprawling, your wildlife is diverse, you are a real pleasure to visit. The last few weeks have been a sheer delight and we look forward to several more weeks just simply trying to appreciate every square inch of your wonderfulness.

If one were to have a complaint or simply pose a constructive observation, perhaps you might consider settling upon a climate. Even though at first your willy-nilly way of choosing a temperature seemed adorable, the charm has recently lost its luster.

When we first arrived, we were warned by many that Patagonia often has four seasons in one day but we were not entirely convinced this was a bad thing.

“Four seasons in one day?” we mused. “What fun!” But now three weeks in, we have grown weary of your bipolar ways. When we wake up to a bright sun, it’s somewhat of a letdown when you change your mind and unleash a world of hurt in the form of a violent rain storm later that day.

Sunny weather with an emerging storm cloud. Only in Patagonia.

Don’t get us wrong, rain is lovely and nourishing for your different vegetation but if you decide to rain, rain for a day, get it out of your system and then maybe the next day could be a sunny one. Doesn’t sound too difficult, does it?

These are just some suggestions we have pondered, generally while we are scurrying for cover during one of your sudden rain storms. More often than not, we find ourselves in these precarious situations on one of our 20 some kilometer hikes, wearing little to no rain protection.

We remain huge fans and look forward to more adventures in your vast loveliness.



Cerro Fitz Roy right before the rain at Lago Capri

Meh. Fitz Roy is cool but Gill has seen better

A large blue glacier on a clear day during our hike to Poincenot

The views made the hikes very rewarding when the weather was clear

Leah enjoying the clear skies in the ancient mountain forests

Gillian NOT being blown over by fierce winds