A Taste of the Casablanca Valley

An incredible two days exploring the wine region of the Casablanca Valley just outside of Valparaiso. Wines were tasted at four fabulous Chilean wineries; Casa del Bosque, Vina Indomita, Emiliana, and William Cole.

The lush vineyards at Casa del Bosque will be harvested in two weeks

Pinot noir grapes are the only red wine grapes grown in this region

Brittany and Jill take full advantage of the luxurious surroundings

Each oak barrel holds 300 bottles of wine. The barrels are used 3 times and come from France or the USA

Gillian tries to sneak a sample

With lunch on its way, these Germain ladies are all smiles

We had some amazing gourmet salads paired with one of our favourite sauvignon blancs

These two travelling girls are so grateful for some fine food and wine

Frost towers in the vineyards circulate the air so that the grapes don't freeze

A visit to Vina Indomita gives us a modern perspective on wine-making

We enjoyed some stunning morning views of the Casablanca Valley

Juicy sauvignon blanc grapes at Emiliana, a bio-dynamic and organic vineyard

Three vineyards and nine tasting later, we were three very pleased ladies

Back at the Casa de la Luna B&B in Valparaiso after a successful day of wine-tasting