A Devil in the Cellar

Just minutes from Santiago’s center, the Concha y Toro winery is nestled between hectors of cabernet sauvignon grapes and rose bushes. As one of Latin America’s largest producers of wine, the Concha y Toro brand is a pride of Chile.

The Cabernet grapes at Concha y Toro

Just a hop, skip and a jump outside of Santiago, Concha y Toro is one of Chile's largest wineries

The Germain girls are experts at nursing tasters

Taking a stroll to the vineyards

Lunching ladies at Concha y Toro winery outside of Santiago

Empanadas and wine, how delicious

Gillian enjoying the finer things in life and a rich glass of chardonnay

Brittany's expertise put to the test at Concha y Toro

Leah enjoying the sweet blend at Concha y Toro

Four meters below the ground, the cellars at Concha y Toro are guarded by el diablo

Gillian putting her taste buds to the test