Top Five Eats in Buenos Aires

1. Desnivel, Defensa 855 San Telmo. Imagine a slab of steak the size of your face, prepared perfectly and served medium rare. Even though the beef is a meal in itself, it’s best enjoyed with a side of fresh salad and an Argentinian red wine. Diners be warned, order your steak “jugoso” and you wont regret it.

    Steak and red wine, a pairing made in heaven.

2. Freddo’s, various locations. Imagine velvety chocolate ice cream cuddled next to salty yet sweet dulche de leche, which is sandwiched in between both classic vanilla and fresh strawberry. Now imagine it served up in a 1/4 kilo bowl. Refreshing and indulgent, Freddo’s ice cream is without a doubt a treat.

    Cold and delicious, Freddo's is best enjoyed lounging in a park

3. Pizzeria Guerin, Corrientes 1368. Cheese, cheese, cheese. If you ever find yourself in need of a serious cheese fix, head down to Guerin, where the pizza is served hot and loaded with mozzarella. Paired with a liter of Quilmes beer, the meal is beyond satisfying.

    One word, cheese

4. Fresh fruit, any street vendor. Walking up and down the streets in Buenos Aires is a work out and nothing is more refreshing then a fresh peach or crunchy apple from one of the 101 fruit shops throughout the city. Our top choices: juicy peaches, perfectly ripe bananas and creamy avocados. It’s all divine.

    A peach a day makes Gill one happy girl

5. A classic asado, best enjoyed with friends. Count yourself blessed to enjoy one of Argentina’s greatest traditions, an asado. A hot grill, mountains of beef and sausage and a fine red wine makes this party more than a bbq. Add your new friends and loud music for good measure and you have yourself an experience unlike any other.

    The best for last, meat meat meat