Sailing the Beagle Channel

Good morning, Ushuaia

Heading out for an early morning sail

Looking out over the Ushuaia harbor, not too shabby

Trekking shoes, check. We're ready for an adventure

Gill's queen of the world

Leah learning the logistics of the Beagle Channel

A manly sea lion sun bathing himself just off the coast

Sneaking up along side a colony of King Cormorant

A crew of sleepy sea lionesses chilling next to a colony of King Cormorant

Sea lion whiskers and kisses

Not a bad view from starboard side

Baby star fishes, for everyone

Gillian wins the 'who can find the cutest starfish' competition

Our vessel for the day nestled up against Isla 'H'

Imagine under each of those rocks is a whole new world of sea creatures

Right across the channel we discovered another colony of Cormorants, Rock Comorants

The 'king nest' since its location is higher than the others. Rock Cormorants have a social hierarchy

A post-sailing snack, choripan with Roquefort cheese - divine