Life on the Road: Part II

One 30-hour bus ride, four separate customs stops, one ferry, one bus change, four very frightening hours featuring a movie about human sex trafficking AND we are here – Ushuaia, the tippity of the world. We were more than excited to drive into Ushuaia, we were relieved. Our journey here was broken up into two different bus trips: one down the coast and a second through Tierra del Fuego.

Our 20-hour bus ride down the coast from Puerto Madryn to Rio Gallegos was not too much of a pain, with the exception of one shockingly long movie on sex trafficking (not the best flick to watch when you are two girls traveling on your own across South America). It was the bus ride from Rio Gallegos to Ushuaia that proved to be less than ideal.

50 hours of bus time later, we have reached the tip of the world

It turns out Chile is smack-dab in the way. And so for us to make it to the southernmost city in the world, we had cross into Chile, declare and haggle with customs officers about the Argentinian peaches we had packed for the journey (we inevitably threw them out), get on a ferry, leave Chile and re-enter Argentina to have our bags checked.

The whole business added a solid three hours to our trip. Not to mention a little stress when we were informed we had to hand over our passports to the bus conductor for declarations. The memory of the rather explicit film we had just watched about Eastern European girls handing over all their documents to be sold into the sex trade was still very fresh.

Entering Chile for two hours as we cross Tierra Del Fuego

The lighthouse marking the entrance into Tierra Del Fuego

But once we finally crossed back into Argentina, the landscape changed from bleak arid desert to snow-peaked mountains and crystal blue lakes. We sat with our noses pressed up to the window of the bus, like children looking into a candy shop.

The view from the bus that gave us hope that we getting close to Ushuaia

Our first glimpse of Ushuaia, a sight for sore eyes

Ushuaia will be our next stomping ground for the next three days, where we will be spending time exploring the closest city to Antarctica and the surrounding islands. Stay tuned for pictures and more stories.