First Impressions of Buenos Aires

Stepping off the plane at the Buenos Aires international airport, the first thing that you will feel is the heat. A blanket of warmth engulfs you and it becomes all too easy to forget about the -40 degree winter you just left behind in Canada.

Parque Lezama located in Buenos Aires' San Telmo district

The next thing you will notice is the severe and almost comical paleness of your own skin compared to everyone else. It is hard to explain just how lovely Argentinean skin is; it’s smooth and dark and as if the sun decided a kiss was not enough and instead made love to it. You on the other hand, are dreadfully white and freckled and even a little patchy in some areas. And so you stick out, but that was to be expected.

Late night stroll through Palermo Soho

Arriving in Buenos Aires can be somewhat intimidating. The city is vast and home to around 13 million. But its size does not take away from its elegance. European-style architecture, cobblestone streets and a bustling metropolitan atmosphere makes this city something to be admired. And the people make the city something to be enjoyed. Both friendly and eager to help, the first 24 hours in Buenos Aires will be a breeze. Consider yourself lucky to have picked such a sexy city.

Rules for the road:

1. Try and speak Spanish. It is more than appreciated, it is respected. People will go out of their way to work with you if you make an effort.

2. Take your time. If you rush, you are going to get lost and this could be a very unfortunate city to get lost in. Take your time, enjoy people watching and soak up some Argentinean sun.

3. Accept help when you need. Within in 3 hours of landing, we had more than five different and wonderfully kind women offer a helping hand. We were more than happy to accept.