Fingers Crossed!

We’ve finally made it to the gate of the plane that will take us to Dallas. The blowy, winter weather left the highways deserted and we were able to (slowly) make it to the airport unscathed. And after making it through American customs in record time, we are now in waiting with our fingers crossed that our flight isn’t cancelled once again.

One less lunch we have to buy

So here we are at gate B16 at Pearson International two hours before our flight trying to kill time.

Leah enjoying the fruits of Gillian's labour

As an initiation into 10 months of shoestring travel we have already put forth our best efforts in money conservation. i.e. a packed sandwich from chez Montgomery and a recently filled Nalgene water bottle. The trip is off to a cheap start. We will not be tempted by the pre-packaged airport food, the glossy celebrity gossips mags, or the venti mocha frappiccinos (extra whip).

We will not be tempted.