Buenos Aires or Bust

We’ve finally arrived! And if the journey here is any indication of the journey we’re about to have then its going to be quite exciting.

After departing Toronto, we made it to the Dallas-Fort Worth airport 3 hours later. The airport was a spectacular show of American grandeur and we wished we had a longer lay-over to take advantage of the gourmet Mexican restaurants. Once on the plane, we hung out on the tarmac while the Dallas air crew tried to cope with the -10 degree temperatures. De-icing took 2 hours.

American Airlines turned out to be a little disappointing. As a 5’5 female, my knees were squished against the seat in front of me and the 300-lb man in the seat in front of Leah basically had his head in her lap. I feel bad for any regular sized man.

Ten sleepy hours later we were landing in beautiful Buenos Aires. Customs and immigration were a test of patience as confused Cape Horn cruisers carried-on about how long “this darn line is”.

As we exited the baggage claim we were overwhelmed by options to get into the downtown core. Shuttles and taxis were going to cost us $ 130 pesos and would take 45 minutes. We inquired about other options and some pointed to the local city bus but told us it would take over 2 hours. It cost $ 2 pesos. We were sold.

Checking out the selection at our local BA grocer

So about 3 hours later we found the place we would be spending the next week – a cool house with Spanish students in the Palermo district. We were greeted with free WiFi and an airy roof terrace. Just what we needed for conquering the Buenos Aires bus system.

After exchanging our leggings for shorts we ventured into the streets and found our way to some groceries. Avocados, bread, tomatoes, milk, water, cream cheese and we were satisfied.

It’s been a successful, hot, and exciting day and now, at 6pm we’re ready to chill on the roof of our new home with a good book.

30 degrees and loving it.