A Sunday in San Telmo

San Telmo market, a shopper's delight

A Sunday in San Telmo is a rather enjoyable experience. While the rest of Buenos Aires is sleepily enjoying an end of the week siesta, San Telmo is bursting with locals, tourists and excellent opportunities for shopping. Every week, vendors set up shop along the main drag, Defensa offering various handicrafts and knick-knacks. From delicate hand-crafted jewelry to strappy leather sandals, San Telmo becomes a shoppers’ paradise.

Gillian cools of with something sweet

For those on a strict shoestring budget, San Telmo also offers delicious treats, like homemade empanadas, fresh squeezed orange juice or hot salted nuts. But the best treat on a scorching Sunday afternoon in San Telmo is none other than a chilly ice cream treat from Freddo’s. The best way to describe the sheer pleasure of enjoying a dulce de leche ice cream piled high on top of a cone, slowly melting down the sides can be summed up in one word, nirvana.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the tango

The highlight of the afternoon will be, without a doubt, the tango. Arrive early at Plaza Dorrega and grab a seat on the steps in the square for a tango experience like no other. The next best thing to a dark and smoky tango club, the plaza features dancers showing off one of Argentinean culture’s greatest gifts to the world – the art of making love on the dance floor.
To top off a perfect afternoon, a full bodied bottle of Malbec and a shady spot in the park will have any visitor to Buenos Aires irrevocably in love with the city.