Pool Party!

Thanks to our good bud, Dave, we were fortunate enough to be invited to his Argentinean friend’s house. Tommy, our kind host, led us an hour out of the city centre on buses and trains to his home in Bella Vista. The main draw of the journey was not only the opportunity to hang out in an Argentinean home, but also to escape the heat in Tommy’s pool.

Dave and Gill on the train experience out of BA

As we took the train out of Buenos Aires, we soon saw the stark difference between the affluent downtown and poverty stricken suburbs. Slums lined both sides of the train tracks. People were living amongst garbage piles in homemade brick and metal shacks and they seemed to go on forever. As many as 500,000 of the 13 million population live in these shantytowns. The contrast between the rich and poor is unfortunate.

The train itself was also an experience. All of the doors are left open and daredevil young men sit on the train steps dangling their legs as the train moves at breakneck speeds. Dave said that during rush hour the train gets so packed that people dangle their entire bodies over the sides. Leah and I decided that we’d rather ride safely inside the train – although I’m sure the breeze is lovely when you’re dangling.

The entrepreneurship aboard the trains is also quite impressive. You could buy anything from prayer cards to cold Fanta to 60-pack CD cases. At one point we were even lectured by a small boy on the virtues of following Jesus.

Everyone's in a chill mood at the pool party

Tommy shows off his pool skills

An hour and half of some interesting experiences, we made it to Tommy’s house. It was a beautiful, quaint home decorated in a very traditional Argentinean way.

So satisfied with her place in the world

The pool was amazingly refreshing and afterwards we were treated to our first taste of Argentinean empanadas. HEAVEN.

Post-empanada consumption. So pleased.

On the train home. Relaxing after a hard day at the office.